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With black eyes and heavy lips,
Words torn with hate in steady rips,
And they're worn away, now dull and cheap,
In sealed envelopes and picture frames.
We throw our clothes onto the floor.
We black out, and we don't wanna black in,
Til' morning.
We'll keep our speaking slurred,
Our talks cheap,
So that we can avoid the cost,
And I don't burden you with my words.
We'll grow distant, cold shouldered.
We'll wither and decay.

I know the vast emptiness inside you that you just can't admit.
As the world glues you together with cheap thrills and cheap tricks.
I'll just lay here beside her. Trying to patch up my wounds.
Our hearts and minds don't connect,
But our bodies do.

Wrap me around your fingers in this rapture of the flesh.
The strings of this guitar are the strings of my heart.
I'll keep that secret while I can.
You take the high road, I'll take the low.
I'm in the desert, and your in the snow.
We numb ourselves so that we can remember to feel.
Our stories written on our arms, beatin' time with our heels.
First to crash, and only to burn.
First to hurt, and later to learn.
That love is just a shock and awe campaign
We're lost poets playing a romantics game.

So can you hear the sun come up?
Cause I screamed your name at daybreak.
And fists were clenched against your kiss.
With words that bled on paper walls.

We don't use words much anymore,
Cause we've forgotten how to speak.
My knees have seen it all before,
Cause such wounds have made them weak.
They are aquainted with the pavement,
And they remember how to bleed.
Keeping fingers crossed at all costs;
We have forgotten how to breathe.

I used to have my feet firmly planted in the ground,
But you tore me from my roots
And taught me to crawl.
And, in crawling, I saw the world
Upside down.

We've only been making ripples
It's time to make waves.

Our tears were met with shallow breaths,
They fought the fear at winters rest
And stained the night of every swear,
Like deathbed confessions in a cutthroats' prayer.
What then would yield such violent dreams?
Our secret shields from silent screams?
Hold, fragile cage, this tameless heart
That forever beats against a dead-poetic spark.


from These Rocks In Our Bodies, released November 5, 2011



all rights reserved


Rain Over Battle Virginia Beach, Virginia

We are just four kids who grew up together and love playing rock and roll. No gimmicks or explanations. We want to play your basements, your garages, your hometowns, your granny's attic, whatever.

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